Halloween 2019

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Halloween 2019
Halloween Maze.png

The Halloween Maze

When October 20 – November 6, 2019
Free Items Ghost
Location Tavern, Halloween Entrance, Halloween Maze, Halloween End
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Halloween 2019 was an event that ran October 20 – November 6, 2019. It was the very first Halloween event in Box Critters, and the first event to include room decorations.


Halloween was first confirmed on October 7, 2019 in a tweet by RocketSnail.[1] Sneak peeks for the Tavern were revealed on Twitter and Instagram on October 16.[2][3] Sneak peeks for the Halloween Entrance were revealed on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.[4][5][6]

The "first phase" launched on October 20, 2019.[7][8] The Tavern was decorated, and a trapdoor was added. It was the first time a room had animations, with the cauldron, candles and trapdoor all being animated.[9]

On October 26, the Tavern was updated. The room boundaries were update to prevent walking on walls, the trapdoor animation was slowed down and the layering of certain sprites in the room was fixed. When walking on the trapdoor, an alert appeared with the text "Knock Knock!". The Bridge was closed during this update; RocketSnail stated in-game it would return when he had updated it on the backend.

On October 31, the Tavern was updated with a portal leading to the Halloween Entrance. This allowed access to the Halloween Maze, and completing the maze led to the Halloween End where the Ghost costume could be collected. At the time of launch, the Maze glitched due to the number of players and problems with the room boundaries. Players discovered that it was possible to jump to the End room by using the /join end command, effectively bypassing the maze altogether.

The event ended on November 6. The three maze rooms were removed and the Tavern decorations were removed.


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