Lizard Monster

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Lizard Monster
Lizard Monster.png
Released Not yet
Theme Unknown
Themed Room Unknown
Playable Yes

The Lizard Monster is an upcoming playable critter.[1][2] It was added to the game files in client version 51-space.

The Lizard Monster was first revealed by RocketSnail on Twitter and Instagram. The original design has since been improved upon.[3] It has been shown in other sneak peeks, including one wearing the Science Officer, alongside a Hamster wearing the Security Officer. [4][5]

Three Lizard Monster critters were in-game on May 16, 2019 when the Bridge room was released, going by the names Zork, Zolt and Zerg. Two unreleased items were seen in-game, Zerg wearing the Green Backpack, alongside Zork wearing the Blue Snorkel. These same lizards have been seen multiple times since then, used for testing by the Box Critters Team, such as when RocketSnail tested changing scaling for critters.[6]



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