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Cellar 2.png
Status Check Mark.png Open
Open April 9, 2020 – present
Location Pirate Island
Room Dimensions 855 × 480
850 × 480 (previously)
ID cellar

The Cellar is a room. It is the lower deck of the Tavern, accessed via the staircase.


The artwork for the cellar was first shown on April 1, 2020, in a tweet by RocketSnail.[1] Sir Champion tweeted that the team had been calling it the cellar, but the final name was undecided.[2]

Further artwork was shared on April 4, 2020.[3] The room was released into the game on April 9, 2020, alongside the start of the Easter event.

On April 20, the giant Battle Bears box was updated to lead to the Crash Site.


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