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Last modified: 27 March 2019

This policy applies at all times when using, accessing, browsing or editing the Box Critters Wiki, Box Critters Wiki (PT), Box Critters Wiki (ES), or Box Critters Modding Wiki (hereafter referred to as just "Box Critters Wiki"), and any past, present or future services available under the domain name. Any links to external sites may not have been vetted, verified or confirmed, and the Box Critters Wiki is not responsible for any content or policies of those sites. This policy may be changed at any time without notice.

Information we collect

When accessing the Box Critters Wiki, either anonymously or whilst logged in, our servers automatically collect information about you, including, but not limited to, your operating system version, your browser version and your IP address. We use this data to provide a better experience. This information may be logged in order to ensure the security and integrity of the Box Critters Wiki.

When registering with the Box Critters Wiki, we collect a username, password, and email address. We may also collect gender, preferred language and location, if you choose to provide us with these.

When editing or contributing to the Box Critters Wiki, a permanent, public record of the content added, modified or removed is created against your username. Contributions are made in accordance with our licensing terms.

How we use information

Box Critters Wiki does not sell, give away or share any information you provide with any third-parties.

Publicly accessible information, such as content that you have contributed to the Box Critters Wiki, can be viewed by anyone and may be indexed by search engines. Content can be deleted by users with sufficient privileges. Deleted content can be accessed or restored by users with sufficient privileges. Presently, this includes janitors, administrators and system administrators.

Private information, such as your email address, IP addresses, or encrypted passwords can only be accessed by system administrators. The information will only be accessed or used in order to prevent abuse of the Box Critters Wiki, and to ensure the security and integrity of the Box Critters Wiki.


Cookies are not required to view the Box Critters Wiki. When logged in, we use cookies to store information about certain preferences, which IP addresses you have recently logged in from, and, if enabled, your session data, for the purposes of keeping you logged in.


Any inquiries or questions related to this policy or the use or storage of data should be sent via Special:Contact.