Saint Patrick's Day 2020

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Saint Patrick's Day 2020
Leprechaun Tavern 2.png

The Tavern decorated

When March 11 - April 1, 2020
Location Tavern, Village, Forest
Saint Patrick's Day events
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2020 events

The Saint Patrick's Day 2020 event took place March 11 - April 1, 2020. The Leprechaun Hat, Leprechaun Hat with Hair, Leprechaun Lady, Leprechaun Suit, Fiddle and Pot of Gold were available to collect at the Forest.

Free Items

Free Items
Item Image Type Location
Leprechaun Hat
Icon leprechaun hat.png
Head Forest
Leprechaun Lady
Icon leprechaun dress.png
Body Forest
Leprechaun Suit
Icon leprechaun suit.png
Body Forest
Leprechaun Hat with Hair
Icon leprechaun hat2.png
Head Forest
Icon fiddle.png
Hand Forest
Pot of Gold
Icon potofgold.png
Hand Completing the Four-Leaf Clover Quest at the Forest


Sneak peeks of decorations to the Tavern and Forest were shown in tweets on February 27 and March 10, prior to the event launching.[1][2][3][4]

On March 15, the Village reopened with decorations for the event.

On March 16, the Forest reopened with decorations for the event and allowed three free items to be collected: the Leprechaun Hat, Leprechaun Lady and Leprechaun Suit. It was revealed in-game by the Box Critters Team that a quest will allow players to collect the Pot of Gold after finding eight four-leaf clovers. When the quest was released, players could walk to each of the four-leaf clovers and they will turn gold. Once all eight had been found, the gate to collect the Pot of Gold opened. The Fiddle and Leprechaun Hat with Hair were added on March 18.

On March 19, the four-leaf clover quest was released, allowing the Pot of Gold to be obtained.

The event ended on April 1, 2020.[5]


Sneak Peeks