Space Event

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Space Event
Space Port.png
When August 16, 2020 – September 4, 2020
Free Items Black UFO, Green UFO, Grey UFO, Pink UFO, White UFO Green Bakery Apron Space Backpack, Space Helmet, Space Suit
Location Port, Tavern, Shack, Solar System

The Space Event was an event that started on August 16, 2020.

Free Items


Free Items
Item Image Type Location
Space Helmet
Icon space helmet white.png
Head Port
Space Suit
Icon space suit white.png
Body Solar System
Space Backpack
Icon space pack white.png
Pack Solar System
Green Bakery Apron
Icon apron green.png
Body Solar System
Grey UFO
Icon ufo grey.png
Ride Solar System
White UFO
Icon ufo white.png
Ride Solar System
Pink UFO
Icon ufo pink.png
Ride Solar System
Green UFO
Icon ufo green.png
Ride Solar System
Black UFO
Icon ufo black.png
Ride Solar System