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Box Critters

Tavern, the first room made for Box Critters

Released Not yet, pre-alpha experiments in-progress

Box Critters is an upcoming virtual world developed by RocketSnail Games, published by Screenzilla Entertainment. It is a "new world inspired by Club Penguin and the adventures of RuneScape".


Box Critters was originally going to use 3D art.[1][2]

On April 13, 2017, RocketSnail launched the site, allowing users to pre-register their usernames.[3] RocketSnail had already secretly released a URL on the Hyper Hippo website on Twitter, allowing some users to register even earlier.[4]


Box Critters is still in very early development stages. Three experiments has been created and released so far.

RocketSnail stated in an interview that the general idea of Box Critters is that "you don't have to login, or move around the rooms but you can peek in and get a feed of a player's friends", and that you "could just jump in and compete against another player in a game with just a click of a button".[5]

When the game is eventually released, the community will be given a box each week, and it is up to the entire community to figure out what to do with the box.

RocketSnail plans to have a very small team working on Box Critters and get members of the community as artists, musicians, etc.[6] The game will be filled with content by the community.

There will be personal houses (similar to Club Penguin's Igloos, parties, items, vehicles and ships, you will sail to other places.[7] The game will also have player-vs-player and player-vs-environment - either through mini-games or one-off boss battles.[8]

When the game releases, it will be available in the Portuguese language as well as English.[9]


Main article: Experiments

Experiments are a series of pre-alpha tests being conducted by RocketSnail prior to the launch of the game. Experiment #3 is currently in-progress.