Saint Patrick's Day 2021

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Saint Patrick's Day 2021
Saint Patrick's Day 2021 Tavern.png
When March 15, 2021 - March 23, 2021
Location Port, Tavern, Jungle and Lava Lair

Free Items


Free Items
Item Image Type Location
Leprechaun Hat
Icon leprechaun hat.png
Head Jungle
Leprechaun Suit
Icon leprechaun suit.png
Body Jungle
Icon fiddle.png
Hand Jungle
Leprechaun Lady
Icon leprechaun dress.png
Body Jungle
5-Leaf Clover Gold Hat
Icon 5leafclover hat gold.png
Head At the Jungle only after

finding the 5-leaf clover.

Green Ice Cream Float
Icon ice cream float green.png
Hand Lava Lair
Leprechaun Hat with Hair
Icon leprechaun hat3.png
Head Lava Lair
Green Pot of Gold with Rainbow
Icon potofgold rainbow green.png
Hand At the Lava Lair only after

finding all the 8 4-leaf clovers.



Port, Tavern, Jungle
Lava Lair