Easter 2021

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Easter 2021
Easter 2021 Tavern.png
When April 2 – April 7, 2021
Location Port, Tavern, Cellar and Shack
Easter events
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2021 events

Easter 2021 was an event that took place April 2 – April 7, 2021. As with previous years, an egg hunt took place, with eight items available to collect across the Port, Tavern and Cellar.

Free Items
Item Image Type Location
Turquoise Fuzzy Bunny Ears
Icon fuzzy head turquoise.png
Head Port
Turquoise Fuzzy Bunny Suit
Icon fuzzy body turquoise.png
Body Port
Easter Egg (G)
Icon eastergg g.png
Head Port
Easter Egg Basket
Icon easteregg basket tan.png
Hand Port
Pink Fuzzy Bunny Ears
Icon fuzzy head pink.png
Head Tavern
Suit Fuzzy Bunny Suit
Icon fuzzy body pink.png
Body Tavern
Easter Egg (H)
Icon eastergg h.png
Head Cellar
Big Chocolate Egg
Icon egg chocolate brown.png
Hand Cellar
Pink Bakery Apron
Icon apron pink.png
Body Shack