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Tavern After Battle Bears.png
Date Opened February 8, 2019
Location Pirate Island
Themed Critter Hamster
ID tavern

The Tavern is a room on Pirate Island. It was the first room to be created for the game, and was the default and only room for the first three months of the experiments.


The Tavern was designed by the twins.[1] RocketSnail revealed the Tavern as the first room for Box Critters in a tweet on January 12, 2019.[2] The color artwork was shared on January 16, 2019.[3]

The Tavern has been decorated during each event so far, and is the only room to have never closed.

On May 17, 2019, the default room was changed to the Bridge, and the Tavern was accessible again via the /join tavern command. On August 1, 2019, the Tavern was made the default room again after RocketSnail held a poll on Twitter.[4]

The Tavern was decorated for Halloween. The canon was removed, the music stage became an organ, and the three drink dispensers were changed. Animations were added to the game for the first time, with the new candles being lit and the drinks being given flames. At the end of the Halloween event, the canon was removed from the standard Tavern and the two candles became lit for the first time.

For the Battle Bears event, a large Battle Bears box was added in front of the Tavern door. This became a portal to the Crash Site for the duration of the event. At the end of the Battle Bears event, the Tavern was updated to make the large Hamster wheel spin, a small Battle Bears box was added to the table, and the trapdoor – which first appeared during Halloween – was added back. Due to a glitch, the candles were not actually lit in the Tavern until November 28.

Christmas Tavern

With the launch of the Christmas event, a separate Tavern room was added to the game for decorations. The new Tavern was added with the ID christmas and set as the default room, and the regular (undecorated) Tavern became accessible via the /join tavern command.

The Christmas Tavern features a large Christmas tree, lights around the top of the room, and holly along the outer wall. A large present box replaced the table and chairs. On December 13, the present box became a portal to the Snowman Village.

On January 5, 2020, the regular Tavern was changed to the default room again and the portal to the Snowman Village was added. The Christmas Tavern remained accessible via the /join christmas command until March 11, 2020.


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