2nd Anniversary Party

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2nd Anniversary Party
2nd Anniversary Party Tavern.png
When February 5 - February 14, 2021
Location Port, Tavern and Cellar
Anniversary Party events
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2021 events

The 2nd Anniversary Party was an event that celebrated the second anniversary party of the start of the Box Critters alpha test. A new cake hat and cake suit were released, along with the return of some older items.

It was the first time a party was held to celebrate the anniversary; the Hat and Suit for the first anniverary were available via item codes, with no decorations to celebrate.

Free Items
Item Image Type Location
2nd Anniversary Suit
Icon cake suit blue.png
Body Port
2nd Anniversary Hat
Icon cake hat blue.png
Head Tavern
Halloween Scarf
Icon scarf halloween.png
Neck Cellar
Gelatinous Cube
Icon gelatinous green.png
Ride Cellar
Green Camping Backpack
Icon backpack green.png
Pack Cellar