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Tavern with portal to Village.png
Date Opened February 8, 2019
Location Pirate Island
Themed Critter Hamster
Mini-games None
ID tavern

The Tavern (also called Pirate Tavern[1] or Ham Tavern) is a room that is part of Pirate Island. It was the first room to be created for the game, and was the default and only room for Experiments #1 and #2. Beginning with Experiment #3, the Bridge was made the default room, meaning the Tavern is only accessible via the /join tavern command. On August 1, the Tavern was changed to be the default room again.


It looks like a restaurant, with a stage for hamsters to presumably use instruments in.

It also has a cashier area which has three hamster-bottles. These bottles are for water, orange juice, and coffee from left to right. In the bottom there is a dining area and a door which goes to a room yet to be made. In the top is an emblem of a hamster with an eye patch, mimicking the Jolly Roger. Below the emblem is a door which goes to a room yet to be made.

It has a resemblance to the upper deck of The Migrator from Club Penguin, as well as elements from other Club Penguin rooms.


  • In Experiment #1 of Box Critters, the boundaries for the room are wrong. You could not go to the far left or far right edges, and you could walk up the far wall.
    • The left/right boundaries were corrected two days later.

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Halloween Phase 1

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