Christmas 2019

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Christmas Tavern 2.png
When December 5, 2019 - March 11, 2020
Location Tavern, Village, Forest

The Christmas event began on December 5, 2019 with the Tavern being decorated. The Christmas Tavern was added as a separate room (under the christmas room ID).

On December 12, RocketSnail announced that one item would be released each day.[1]

On December 13, the Snowman Village was released, and on January 8, the Snow Forest was released. Both of these rooms, along with the Christmas Tavern, were removed on March 11, 2020.

Free items

Date Item Icon Type Code
12 Green Elf Hat
Icon elf hat green.png
Head Item /jinglebells
13 Winter Dress
Icon winter dress.png
Body Item /winter
14 Yellow Bulb
Icon bulb yellow.png
Head Item /joy
15 Reindeer Head
Icon reindeer head.png
Head Item /rudolph
16 Green Elf
Icon elf suit green.png
Body Item /elf
17A Green Bulb
Icon bulb green.png
Head Item /cheer
17B Red Bulb
Icon bulb red.png
Head Item /glow
18 Reindeer
Icon reindeer body.png
Body Item /rednose
19 Blizzard Wizard Hat
Icon wizard blizzard.png
Head Item /blizzard
20 Red Ornament
Icon ornament red.png
Body Item /family
21 Angel Halo
Icon angel halo.png
Head Item /shine
22 Angel Wings
Icon angel wings.png
Body Item /peace
23 Santa Beard
Icon santa beard.png
Neck Item /jolly
24 Santa Hat
Icon santa hat.png
Head Item /merry
25 Santa Suit
Icon santa suit.png
Body Item /christmas
26 Onesie Plaid Red
Icon onesie plaid red.png
Body Item /boxingday
27 Red Sleeping Cap
Icon sleeping red.png
Head Item /warm
28 Tacky Green Sweater
Icon tacky green.png
Body Item /tacky
29 White Goggles
Icon goggles black.png
Eye Item /snow
30 Red Winter Dress
Icon winter dress red.png
Body Item /beautiful
31 Tuxedo
Icon tuxedo black.png
Body Item /newyear
01 Black Tophat
Icon tophat black.png
Head Item /2020