Holidays 2020

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Holidays 2020
When December 2, 2020 - January 9, 2021
Holiday events
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2020 events

The Holidays 2020 event took place December 2, 2020 - January 9, 2021. It saw the decoration of the Port, Tavern, Cellar and Jungle, and the re-release of six Christmas-themed items.

On December 9, the Shack was decorated with the release of the Pink Bakery Apron, and on December 11, the Cliff, Village and Forest were released.

New Years 2021 ran alongside the Holidays event, adding decorations at the port.


Free Items
Item Image Type Location
Santa Hat
Icon santa hat.png
Head Port
Santa Suit
Icon santa suit.png
Body Tavern
Santa Beard
Icon santa beard.png
Fuzz Cellar
Green Elf Hat
Icon elf hat green.png
Head Jungle
Green Elf
Icon elf suit green.png
Body Jungle
Marshmallow Stick
Icon marshmallow stick.png
Hand Jungle
Pink Bakery Apron
Icon apron pink.png
Body Shack

12 days of items

Beginning December 13, one item was unlocked at midnight UTC each day in the Forest.

Date Item Image Type Location
13 Candy Cane
Icon candycane.png
Hand Forest
14 Green Christmas Gift
Icon present holiday.png
Hand Forest
15 Stuffed Hamster Head
Icon hamster head.png
Head Forest
16 Stuffed Hamster Suit
Icon hamster body.png
Body Forest
17 Holiday Mug
Icon mug holiday.png
Hand Forest
18 Red Christmas Stocking Hat
Icon stocking head.png
Head Forest
19 Holiday Tree
Icon tree holiday.png
Body Forest
20 Red Gift Lid
Icon gift lid red.png
Head Forest
21 Red Gift Box
Icon gift box red.png
Ride Forest
22 Holiday Scarf
Icon scarf holiday.png
Neck Forest
23 Santa's Red Toy Sack
Icon santa bag.png
Hand Forest
24 Santa's Sleigh
Icon santa sleigh.png
Ride Forest