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Port 3.png
Status Check Mark.png Open
Open May 1, 2020 – present
Location Pirate Island
Room Dimensions 2400 × 480
Mini-games Critterball
ID port

The Port is a room that is part of Pirate Island. It is reached by leaving the Tavern ("Jolly Roger") through its main door.


The Port was first mentioned in two tweets from Captain Pirate.[1][2] The room was designed by Sir Champion.

RocketSnail later said on the Box Critters Discord that the room would be coming soon.[3] A teaser image was shared on the Box Critters Discord on April 20, 2020.[4] An early sketch was later shared on Twitter.[5] The full room was shared in three parts on Instagram.[6]

Sir Champion shared an image on Twitter a few days later of the room with full color and shading.[7]

The full room could be seen in a video posted to YouTube on May 1, 2020, along with its name, a few hours before release.[8]


The room features the entrance to the Tavern named "Jolly Roger", dispensers for orange juice, coffee and water, a bench with a pirate statue, and an entrance to play Critterball, which will be available in the future. There will also be a shop, the Dock and the Volcano of Doom.

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