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Leprechaun Forest 2.png
Status X Mark.png Closed
Open January 8, 2020 (unofficial)
January 9 – February 17, 2020
March 16 – April 1, 2020
Room Dimensions 5880 × 2420
ID forest

The Forest (officially named Snow Forest during Christmas) is a room. It was last open during the Saint Patrick's Day event.


The Forest was teased in several sneak peeks during the Christmas event.[1][2]

The Forest was discovered to be accessible by the Box Critters Live team on January 8, 2020.[3] When the room was first discovered, it had no sprites - only a background and foreground existed, due to the room still being tested. It also had no boundaries, meaning players could walk on any part of the room. The room was due to be released that week as part of the Christmas event. The room was then removed while it was finished, and reopened the following day, complete with its sprites, the Ice Rink, and entrance to the Castle.

The Forest closed on February 17, 2020, in order to be prepared for the Saint Patrick's Day event.[4] The Forest reopened on March 16, 2020 with the The Leprechaun Hat, Dress, Suit available to collect.


The Forest features around 344 trees, a bridge into the Castle, an ice rink with hockey nets and several caves.[5] Its Christmas decorations include candy canes, baubles, lights, and an additional giant Christmas tree.

The Forest is 5880 x 2420 pixels, making it the largest room that has been added to the game so far. Its large size has caused performance issues for some mobile users.[6][7]





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