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Emotes, emoticons or emojis are small images that can be used to show emotion or reaction in Box Critters.



Concept artwork for emotes was first shared on April 24, 2020.[1] On May 26, emotes were added to the game, and on May 27, they were made available to use via the /emote command.

There are currently 25 emotes.

Presently, the Hamster Hamster.png and the Snail SnailRightSide.png critters have emotes.


Emoticons ID
Emoji hamster adventure.png Emoji snail adventure.png adventure
Emoji hamster angry.png Emoji snail angry.png angry
Emoji hamster awe.png Emoji snail awe.png awe
Emoji hamster blush.png Emoji snail blush.png blush
Emoji hamster cheeky.png Emoji snail cheeky.png cheeky
Emoji hamster coffee.png Emoji snail coffee.png coffee
Emoji hamster cool.png Emoji snail cool.png cool
Emoji hamster confused.png Emoji lizard confused.png confused
Emoji hamster crying.png Emoji snail crying.png crying
Emoji hamster daze.png Emoji snail daze.png daze
Emoji hamster fart.png Emoji snail fart.png fart
Emoji hamster gg.png Emoji lizard gg.png gg
Emoji hamster happy.png Emoji snail happy.png happy
Emoji hamster idea.png Emoji snail idea.png idea
Emoji hamster laugh.png Emoji lizard laugh.png laugh
Emoji hamster sad.png Emoji snail sad.png sad
Emoji hamster scared.png Emoji snail scared.png scared
Emoji hamster sick.png Emoji snail sick.png sick
Emoji hamster sleep.png Emoji snail sleep.png sleep
Emoji hamster smile.png Emoji snail smile.png smile
Emoji hamster serious.png Emoji snail serious.png serious
(originally straight)
Emoji hamster thumbs up.png Emoji snail thumbs up.png thumbs_up
Emoji hamster upset.png Emoji snail upset.png upset
Emoji hamster worry.png Emoji snail worry.png worry
Emoji hamster yum.png Emoji snail yum.png yum