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General guidelines for images uploaded to Box Critters Wiki.


Images uploaded to Box Critters Wiki should be primarily about Box Critters and for use on a wiki page. You may also upload unrelated images if they are for use on your userpage or a blog post. Images should not be duplicates of ones already in use, and should be of the highest quality possible.

Unused or duplicated images will be deleted as found appropriate.


Providing a summary of an image may be necessary in cases where the use of an image may be ambiguous. It may also be used to denote the image source. Summaries can be set using the Summary box when uploading an image.


All images should have a name that allows all users to understand what the image is showing.


It is important that all images uploaded to Box Critters Wiki are used within the rights of the copyright surrounding it. Any files related to Box Critters and any screenshots of any Box Critters material, should have {{CopyrightBoxCritters}} added to them. This can be automatically added when uploading the file by choosing This is a screenshot or picture of Box Critters from the dropdown of the license menu.

Any images not related to Box Critters should be given another appropriate license from the dropdown menu when uploading the file. Templates such as {{Fairuse}} and {{Self}} exist for these other purposes.