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Critterball game 1.png
Released July 11, 2019 (experimental)
Type Snake
Controls or WASD
Players 1-10

Critterball is an experimental minigame that is not yet part of Box Critters. Instead, it is accessed separately via The first version was made available on July 11, 2019. It was developed by SheepVsGravity.


  • Use WASD or arrow keys to change direction
  • Avoid the walls and your own trail
  • Hit other players trails to knock them out
  • Connect with your filled base to fill more area
  • Pickup coins by running over them or get them inside a fill
  • Last as long as you can!


The game is a variant of the traditional Snake game. Players control a hamster in a hamster ball which has a trail behind it. Joining the trail up claims that section of the arena. Hitting the outer wall (the yellow and black tape) or your own trail will result in game over.

Scores are counted by percentage of land claimed - 100% is achieved when a player owns every part of the arena.

Players can also collect Critter Coins that are scattered around the arena. These cannot yet be added to the player's account because the game does not yet use any form of login.


Versioning was added with This table uses backdated numbers for the versions that came before this, assuming that was the initial version.

Version Date Changes July 11, 2019 Initial experimental release July 11, 2019 Add a game over screen with coin count July 11, 2019 Support for WASD keys July 11, 2019 Add player's score and knockout count to game over screen July 12, 2019 Code cleanup, CSS changes July 12, 2019 Fix game over screen not appearing when player hits wall. Add players getting all collect bonus messages. Add background to player's names. Add knockout reason to game over screen July 12, 2019 Add missing spritesheet back July 17, 2019 Fix last game frame not showing. Added version number to the game. Added developer info for desktop, tilde key ~ to show/hide. Tweaked end game messages slightly July 18, 2019 Add checkerboard pattern to arena background, to help assist with controlling the critter. Add random adjectives to game over screens July 18, 2019 Add instructions while loading and when the I key is pressed on desktop. July 19, 2019 Add "avoid walls" to instructions. Increased server speed to 60 FPS as possible lag fix. July 22, 2019 Use socket to "connect" (start) and set up the game July 22, 2019 Add more console logging when setting up the game July 24, 2019 Update server code with initial support for multiple games July 24, 2019 Fix server crash when collecting bonus coins July 25, 2019 Properly fix server crash when collecting bonus coins during multiple games. Update email address used in client credits July 25, 2019 Add play again button to game over screen August 3, 2019 Clean up code and update all comments. Added experimental fix for Chrome network overflow issue. August 5, 2019 Tweaked settings for a small speed increase