Red Viking Helmet

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Red Viking Helmet
Icon viking.png
Available Yes
Type Head
Theme Viking
Found Via code
ID viking

The Red Viking Helmet (originally named just Viking Helmet) is a head item. It was the first item to be created for the game, and is similar to the one RocketSnail wore in Club Penguin.[1] The code /rocketsnail can be used to obtain it whenever RocketSnail is not online.


Method Available from Available until
By registering an account - April 1, 2019
Code /rocketsnail April 10, 2019 August 14, 2019
August 14, 2019 Available whenever RocketSnail is offline

The Red Viking Helmet was originally used by RocketSnail to test the new inventory system as part of the development of Experiment #2.[2] On March 17, 2019, RocketSnail updated Experiment #1 to allow himself to wear the helmet on a newly redesigned Hamster sprite.[3] On April 1, RocketSnail added the Viking Helmet to the inventory of every account. Users could put the Viking Helmet on by sending /gear viking or /gear head viking.[4]

Accounts registered after April 1, 2019 can use the code /rocketsnail to add the item to their inventory.