Throwback Thursday

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Throwback Thursday items are old items that have been brought back every Thursday for new players to get old items. The first time this code was used, it re-released the Black Goggles.[1]

Throwback Thursday items are available from 23:00 Pacific Time on Wednesday to 23:00 Pacific Time on Thursday, and are unlockable via the /tbt code.

Most recent Throwback Thursday item
Red Lifejacket Icon lifejacket red.png

Throwback Thursday items

Week Item Image Type Day available Notes
1 Black Goggles Icon goggles black.png Eye Item December 26, 2019 First ever Throwback Thursday item
2 Pot Helm Icon pot.png Head Item January 2, 2020
3 Yellow Sombrero Icon sombrero yellow.png Head Item January 9, 2020
4 Critter Cone Icon cone.png Neck Item January 16, 2020
5 Purple Toque Icon toque purple.png Head Item January 23, 2020
6 Orange Sunglasses Icon sun orange.png Eye Item January 30, 2020
7 Black Pirate Captain Icon pirate capt black.png Body Item February 6, 2020
8 Red Lifejacket Icon lifejacket red.png Body Item February 13, 2020