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Playable No
Seen Christmas
ID snow_greeter

The Snowmen were five non-playable critters that visited the Village during the Christmas event.


Name Image Description
Snow Greeter Snow Greeter.png Wore a Blue Scarf and custom Elf Hat and stood next to the "Snowman Village" welcome sign, next to the portal to the Tavern, rolling back and fourth slightly.
Snow Girl Snow Girl.png Wore a Pink Scarf and was slightly smaller than the other snowmen. She stood against the wall of the building next to the Forest entrance.
Snow Keeper Snow Keeper old.pngSnow Keeper.png Stood inside the Village "shop". Snow Keeper's design was changed within a few hours of release to add glasses and adjust the moustache.
Snow Grandma Snow Grandma.png Stood outside the coffee shop building.
Snow Patrol Snow Patrol.png Stood in front of the entrance to the Forest.
The snowmen in the Village