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When November 25 – December 2, 2020
Location Port, Critter Con Hall

CritterCon was an event that took place November 25 – December 2, 2020. It saw the opening of Critter Con Hall, accessible from a portal at the Port.

Free items

Item Image Notes
Pink Robot Head
Icon robot head pink.png
Pink Robot Body
Icon robot body pink.png
Due to a bug, this item was not available to collect for the first few hours of the event.
Arrow Thru Head Trick
Icon trick arrow.png
Funny Nose Glasses
Icon glasses funny.png
Rainbow Hair with Cat Ears
Icon cat rainbow.png
Pink Unicorn Floatie
Icon float unicorn.png
Black Army Beret
Icon beret black.png
Green Cardboard Tank
Icon tank green.png
Knight Armor
Icon knight armour.png
Blue Knight Helmet
Icon knight helmet blue.png