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Codes allow players to unlock items to wear and use. Codes are currently entered via the chat box as commands.

Codes were added at the start of Experiment #2. In the future, items will mostly be obtainable via minigames and quests, so the number of codes will decrease.

Current codes

Removed codes

Item Image Code Type Notes
Monk Robe
Icon monk.png
/may4th Body Item
Pink Hoodie
Icon hoodie pink.png
/thanksmom Body Item
Fishing Hat
Icon fishing green.png
/thankdad Head Item
Cardboard Box Hat
Icon box hat brown.png
/boxcritterslive1000 Head Item Will return at Box Critters Live's 5000 subscriber milestone
Gold Propeller Cap
Icon propeller gold.png
/golden1000bulletin Head Item Will return at Box Critters Bulletin's 5000 subscriber milestone
Uncle Sam Hat
Icon unclesam.png
/happy4th2019 Head Item
Purple Cardboard Box Hat
Icon box hat purple.png
/boxcritterslive2000 Head Item
The Party Hat
Icon party hat.png
/waddleon Head Item
White Headphones
Icon headphones white.png
/discordcritters2k19 Ear Item Released by the Discord Critters server and Box Critters Live

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