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The Client is the user-facing part of the Box Critters game. It is made up of a series of HTML5, JavaScript and Portable Network Graphics (PNG) files. The client is loaded from the play page at


  • The play page, loaded from
  • The main client JavaScript, loaded from<version>.min.js
  • Media files, including spritesheets and icons, loaded from

Version History

The latest client version is 155. The latest items version is 20191110.

Versions 1 - 89

Client versions since version 17 use a number and an additional keyword. Client versions since version 22 separate the media assets into directories for each version.

Version Date Changes
1 February 8, 2019 Experiment #1 release
2 March 17, 2019 Update Hamster spritesheet to version 2. Snail critter added for RocketSnail to use
3 March 18, 2019
4 March 19, 2019
5 March 20, 2019
6 March 31, 2019 Update Hamster spritesheet to version 4
7 March 31, 2019 Identical to version 6
8 April 1, 2019 Adjusted socket commands, add nickname to player object, MonsterContainer added
9 April 5, 2019 Support for inventory, items and item types. Adds eight items.[1] MonsterContainer removed
10 April 5, 2019 Update Hamster spritesheet to version 6
11 April 5, 2019 Update Hamster spritesheet to version 7
12 April 7, 2019 Remove all items. Support for smile expressions, support for clicking on the inventory button
13 April 7, 2019 Further support for the inventory screen
14 April 8, 2019 Adjustments to the inventory screen
15 April 9, 2019 Support for multiple items, move assets one object, improvements to the inventory screen
16 April 9, 2019 Support for selecting items from the inventory screen
17-EX2 April 10, 2019 Experiment #2 launch. Items added and inventory enabled for everyone
18-EX2 April 10, 2019
19-EX2 April 10, 2019
20-party April 11, 2019 Add Green and Yellow Party Hat and White and Red Toque
22-easter April 15, 2019 Move assets into separate file. Use subdirectories for all media. Add Easter Egg A, Easter Egg B and Easter Egg C.
23-beep April 16, 2019 Move assets back to main file. Add popup when item codes are redeemed and Blue, Pink and White Bunny Ears. Red Toque icon removed.
24-tech April 18, 2019 Blue Hoodie added. Bunny Ears removed.
25-egghunt April 18, 2019 Bunny Ears added back.
27-eggstatic April 18, 2019 Code cleanup
28-blue April 19, 2019 Expand inventory grid
29-bunny April 19, 2019 Code cleanup
30-black April 21, 2019 Code cleanup and optimizations, Black, Blue and Green Ball Caps added
31-baseball April 21, 2019 Correct the size of the icons for the new Ball Caps
32-dark April 28, 2019 Dark Mode and Small screen view added. Pot Helm added.
33-dark April 28, 2019
34-dark April 28, 2019
35-small April 28, 2019 Disable small screen view. Pot Helm icon removed.
36-click April 28, 2019 Add support for the server to know when the player clicked
37-fast April 29, 2019 Remove small screen view
38-moveit April 29, 2019 Critters move as soon as the player clicks, without a delay
39-monk May 3, 2019 Monk Robe and Blue Snorkel added. Pot Helm icon added back.
40-beaver May 4, 2019 Add Beaver sprites for testing by RocketSnail and PapaD. Includes support for critter tails
40-test May 4, 2019 Code optimizations
41-emit May 6, 2019 Revert 40-test changes. Support for joining different rooms and "warns" from the server.
42-float May 9, 2019 Black Hoodie, Pink Hoodie, Pirate Captain Red, Science Officer and Yellow Duck Floatie added.
Combine room join functions. Mistaken capitalisation of 3D Glasses Black ID.
44-float May 9, 2019 Change Yellow Duck Floatie ID from duckfloatie_yellow to float_yellow
45-3D May 9, 2019 Fix capitalization of 3D Glasses Black ID.
46-cool May 10, 2019 Support for masks, back eye items. Black Headphones added. Inventory grid expanded. Code optimisations.
47-backs May 11, 2019 Optimise and improve code for backs of eye items, ear items, belt items and packs. Rearrange item spritesheet.
48-backs May 11, 2019 Rearrange item spritesheet.
49-slots May 13, 2019 Improve code surrounding inventory slots, most notably the back of Packs. Add Blue Pirate Belt and Pirate Eye Patch.
50-rooms May 16, 2019 Additional support for joining multiple rooms, changing artwork
51-space May 16, 2019 Add Lizard Monster
52-exp3 May 17, 2019 Launch Experiment 3. Set Bridge as default room on join. Add Pickle and Pirate Hat without icons.
53-pickle May 18, 2019 Icon for Pickle added. Pirate Eye Patch ID changed from pirate_patch_black to pirate_patch.
Blue Plaid Shirt, Purple Toque and Purple Hoodie added.
54-sungalsses May 20, 2019 Improve room code. Black Square Sunglasses added. Note the version keyword has a spelling mistake.
55-cards May 21, 2019 Added code for cards and the first one, bridge
56-ghost May 22, 2019 Add ghost ship card
57-space May 23, 2019 Add code for styling popups. Update icons for Security Officer and Science Officer.
Add Black Goggles, Green Hoodie, Commanding Officer, White Space Helmet, White Space Pack and White Space Suit.
58-overalls June 3, 2019 Added Blue Pirate Hat, Red Bandana, Blue Propeller Cap, Pink Propeller Cap, Orange Space Shirt and Orange Overalls
59-hawaii June 9, 2019 Added Orange Hawaiian Shirt (without icon), Red Lifejacket, White Hoodie, Yellow Ball Cap, White Goggles
60-hawaii June 9, 2019 No changes
61-hawaii June 9, 2019 Added icon for Orange Hawaiian Shirt
62-guitar June 13, 2019 Added hand items and Blue Guitar
63-dad June 15, 2019 Added Fishing Hat, Cardboard Box Hat and Gold Propeller Cap
64-cone June 21, 2019 Added Cone as the first neck item
65-stats June 22, 2019 Updated UX spritesheet with clipboard icon for Player Stats
66-clipboard June 22, 2019 Removed ghost ship card
67-logs June 23, 2019 Removed some console logging
68-lei June 30, 2019 Added Red Hawaiian Lei (without icon)
69-lei June 30, 2019 No changes
70-lei June 30, 2019 Added Red Hawaiian Lei icon
71-july4th July 3, 2019 Added July 4th Hat. Switch default room to be the "lobby" setting, set as the Bridge
72-super July 7, 2019 Added 15 items.[2] Splits spritesheets into multiple images. Added Pirate Hat icon
73-super July 7, 2019 Added support for Weapons and Capes. Added Ninja Swords
74-pages July 8, 2019 Inventory is now paginated.
75-cape July 14, 2019 Added Moose Antlers as the first side item, along with Pink Goggles, Green Grass Skirt, Red Keytar, Aviator Goggles, Aviator Hat and Purple Cardboard Box Hat.
Changed Black Sunglasses with Orange Lens ID from sunglasses_black_orange to sun_orange
Changed Black Square Sunglasses ID from sunglasses_square_black to sun_square
Changed Blue Pirate Belt ID from pirate_belt_blue to pirate_crew_blue.
Changed Ninja Swords icon
76-cape July 19, 2019 Added Yellow Water Gun and socket event types.
77-cape July 19, 2019 Better handling of events
78-cape July 19, 2019 Additional event tracking and cleanup
79-cape July 19, 2019 Additional event tracking and cleanup
80-effects July 19, 2019 Added effects
81-rework July 26, 2019 Refactor client and server code. Remove effects. Media is no longer in separate per-version directories.
Item and critter data (frames, images, etc.) is now loaded server-side.
82-rework July 26, 2019 Event tracking changes
83-rework July 26, 2019 Event tracking changes
84-rework July 26, 2019 Remove console logging of some socket events, change variables used for inventory
85-rework July 26, 2019 Revert changes to variables used for inventory
86-rework July 26, 2019 Remove console logging of more socket events
87-rework July 26, 2019 Move scripts to /lib, add console logging on connection, remove console logging of more socket events, change variables used for inventory
88-rework July 26, 2019 Re-order inventory code
89-effects July 28, 2019 Added smokebomb effect back

Client versions 90 onwards

Client versions since version 90 splits the items away from the client into separate versions. Client versions since 117 stop using a keyword.

Client Version Date Changes
90-cache July 30, 2019 Fix issues with caching spritesheets. Items are now changed back from being loaded server-side to a client-side items JS file using separate versioning and keywords.
91-items July 30, 2019 Simplify loading of items.
92-extras July 31, 2019 Allow injection of "extra" (unreleased) items when needed, to facilitate testing by the Box Critters Team.
94-items July 31, 2019 Removed extra items code and added items back to the main spritesheet.
95-coins August 1, 2019 Added coins. Made Tavern default room (lobby). Added message count tracking.
96-coins August 2, 2019 Amount of coins are now sent by the server. "Gems" are now also part of the player array, replacing "gold".
97-big August 2, 2019 Change coin bar image and make it bigger. Add scaling for critters.
98-ride August 3, 2019 Add ride items, convert slots to use a new SlotContainer and adjust item addition/removal code. Change MenuContainer to RoomUI. Reduce size of coin bar.
99-ride August 3, 2019 Fix direction of items. This version was never put live and instead 97-big was reverted to after 98-ride.
100-ride August 3, 2019 Add validation to code for wearing items
101-items August 4, 2019 Differentiate between front and back slots. This version was never put live due to bugs in the code causing it to break.
103-items August 4, 2019 Fixed version of 101-items
104-items August 4, 2019 Add event tracking to item unlocks
105-stack August 5, 2019 Fix removing items when wearing a new one of the same type
106-back August 5, 2019 Bugged code missing several crucial game functions.
107-back August 5, 2019 Revert to version 105 and add backs for head items
108-beep August 8, 2019 Added alerts
109-pop August 10, 2019 Changed alerts to "beep". Re-activate /pop command.
110-free August 15, 2019 Free item code now uses its own socket message, improve alerts
111-alert August 15, 2019 Fix closing alerts
112-news August 26, 2019 Added "news" alerts
113-media September 9, 2019 Move items media to be server-side and improve mobile. This update broke opening the inventory menu.
114-items September 10, 2019 Fix inventory and other bugs with previous version
116-min September 24, 2019 Code cleanup
117 October 4, 2019 Add backs for body items, remove unneeded chat bubble functions
118 October 20, 2019 Update for Halloween
119 October 20, 2019 Bug fixes
120 October 26, 2019
121 October 26, 2019
122 October 31, 2019
123 October 31, 2019
124 October 31, 2019
125 November 6, 2019
126 November 6, 2019
127 November 6, 2019
128 November 6, 2019
129 November 6, 2019
130 November 6, 2019
131 November 6, 2019
132 November 7, 2019

Items versions 86 onwards

Version Date Changes
86-school July 30, 2019 Add Orange Ball Cap, Orange Hoodie, Orange Toque, Orange School Pack and Black Pot.
87-orange July 30, 2019 Move unreleased items to a separate spritesheet in order to reduce file sizes and loading times.
88-orange July 30, 2019 No changes.
kit July 31, 2019 Added Yellow Football Kit, Black Plaid Shirt, Silver Propeller Cap and Tin Foil Hat.
ride July 31, 2019 Added Brown Box, Blue School Pack, Pink School Pack, Orange T-Shirt, Yellow Sombrero.
ghost August 12, 2019 Added Army Helmet, Running Ball, Fairy Wings, Ghost, Red Scarf, Blue Superhero Cape, Pink Superhero Cape, White Superhero Cape, School Navy Uniform (A), School Navy Uniform (B)
rocket August 14, 2019 Added Rocket
work August 25, 2019 Added Black Bandana and Pink Bandana
20191029-hotdog September 29, 2019 Added Clown Nose, Frank, Hotdog, Messenger Bag, Mummy Head, Pink Pirate Captain, Pink Pirate Hat, Pumpkin, Roman Helmet, Blue Shark, Pink Viking Helmet and Witch Hat. Added icons for Black Bandana and Pink Bandana. A single spritesheet that was broken causing items to overlap and not display correctly.[3] Also dated wrongly.
20190929-hotdog September 29, 2019 Fixed spritesheet without updating frames array.
20190929-frank September 29, 2019 Same spritesheet, fixed frames array
1569897258740 October 1, 2019 No changes.
1569984355435 October 1, 2019 No changes.
1569985721906 October 1, 2019 Rearranged spritesheet.
2019100122010 October 1, 2019 Rearranged and split spritesheet into two.
20191002-princess October 2, 2019 Added Pink Princess Dress, black, blue, pink, purple and white scarves.
20191020 October 20, 2019 Added Orange Bandana, Red and White Striped Shirt, Mummy, Pink Headphones, Pink Plaid, Skeleton Body, Green Plaid, Dracula Cloak, Skeleton Head, Black Super Cape, Purple Bandana, Pink Ballerina, Orange Goggles, Blue Goggles, Pink Princess Hat, Black Propeller Cap. Renamed Tamago's Shades from Square Sunglasses.
20191024 October 24, 2019 Added Party Hat.
20191110 November 10, 2019 Added Will's Headband, Will's Outfit and Movember Moustache.

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