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Jump to navigation Jump to search is a subpage of and is the current location for playing the game. The page is currently the game container, the chat bar that is used for chatting and entering commands and codes, and notices about updates to the games and its current status. A log out button is at the bottom.

Attempting to load the page without first logging in will redirect the player back to the login page.


Small screen view

Small screen view is an adjustment to the play page that was automatically made when playing on a device that has a small screen. RocketSnail first mentioned the small screen view in a tweet, stating that 20% of the current players were using a mobile device.[1]

RocketSnail tweeted several times about the development of the small screen view.[2][3] Small screen view was launched on April 28, 2019.[4] It modified the game container to be scrollable left and right.

The small screen view was removed just one day later on April 29, after many players experienced lag.[5]