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The Box Critters Team are the group of people who officially work on Box Critters, as artists, musicians, developers, or moderators.

RocketSnail has stated there are "a couple concept artists". He also said that "as the world grows I will add more designers, developers, artists and moderators."

RocketSnail has also said that he plans to use the community to create the content for Box Critters.



The following is a list of people who are permanent employees of Box Critters and part of the official team.

Username Real Name Role Employed
RocketSnail Lance Priebe Founder, Developer, Mascot 2016 – present
Sir Champion Chris Artist October 1, 2019 – present
Captain Pirate Gord Artist October 1, 2019 – present
Unknown Jeremy Jones Developer January 6, 2020 – present


The following is a list of people who are not part of the official team, but have completed or are completing work for the game.

Username Real Name Work
PapaD Dan Hughes Artist
Mrchilly Ryan Connolly Designed several items such as July 4th Hat, Clown Nose, Hot Dog, Witch Hat and Roman Helmet.
Provided initial concepts for other items such as Running Ball and Messenger Bag
Unknown Dan Designed Bridge[1]
SheepVsGravity Russ Horton Created Critterball[2]