Blue Toque

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Blue Toque
Icon toque blue.png
Available No
Type Head
Rarity Legendary
Theme None
Found Free Item of the Week
ID toque_blue

The Blue Toque is a head item. It was available as the first Free Item of the Week, available via the /freeitem code.[1][2]

Method Available from Available until
Meeting RocketSnail in-game April 9, 2019
Free Item of the Week April 10, 2019 April 14, 2019
Beaver Hamster Lizard Penguin Raccoon
Sprite toque blue beaver.png
Sprite toque blue hamster.png
Sprite toque blue lizard.png
Sprite toque blue penguin.png
Sprite toque blue raccoon.png

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It was first revealed as part of an outfit of the Raccoon critter[3] and was as later shown on the Beaver critter.[4]

It was one of the first eight items to be added to the game. It is also the earliest item available (besides the Red Viking Helmet) and is the item with the third shortest availability so far (behind The Party Hat and the Uncle Sam Hat), resulting in many players considering it the rarest — or one of the rarest — items in the game.