Battle Bears

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Battle Bears
Battle Bears Crash Site.png
When November 13 – November 25, 2019
Location Crash Site, Tavern
ID battle_bears
2019 events

Battle Bears is an event that took place November 13 – November 25, 2019 to celebrate the launch of RocketSnail's Battle Bears board game kickstarter.[1]


The event was first announced when a giant Battle Bears box was added to the Tavern, on November 7.[2]

On November 13, a new room was added, the Crash Site. The room allowed two items to be obtained: the Huggable Head, by collecting it from the box, and Wil's Outfit, by standing on the popsicles in the bottom right. The /battlebears item code was then added to release a new item each day.

RocketSnail's six-minute live stream of the Tavern during the event[3]

On November 19, Huggable critters started spawning in the room. The following day, the Bee Bee was released (available to collect from the box). When wearing the Bee Bee, players could click on the spawning Huggables to shoot them and earn 10 coins per hit. This was the first time coins could be earned and was the first "microgame" to be added to Box Critters. The Huggable critters would wander around the room, occasionally saying "Hug", until shot. When shot, they would burst into rainbows and despawn.

Free items

The item release calendar shared on Twitter[4]
Item Icon Type Method
Wil's Headband
Icon bb headband.png
Head Free Item of the Week
November 10, 2019 - November 17, 2019
Huggable Head
Icon bb huggable.png
Head At the Crash Site
Wil's Outfit
Icon bb will.png
Body At the Crash Site
Oliver's Outfit
Icon bb oliver.png
Body /battlebears code on November 13, 2019
Rigg's Outfit
Icon bb riggs.png
Body /battlebears code on November 14, 2019
Astoria's Outfit
Icon bb astoria.png
Body /battlebears code on November 15, 2019
Battle Bears Backpack
Icon bb backpack.png
Pack /battlebears code on November 16, 2019
Battle Bears Ballcap
Icon bb ballcap.png
Head /battlebears code on November 17, 2019
Bee Bee
Icon bb beebee.png
Hand /battlebears code on November 18, 2019;
later at the Crash Site
Blue Headband
Icon headband blue.png
Head /battlebears code on November 19, 2019