April Fools 2021

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April Fools 2021
April Fools 2021 Before Tavern.png
When March 30, 2021 - April 2, 2021
Location Port, Shack, Tavern, Cellar, Jungle and Box Realm

The April Fools 2021 event changed Box Critters into a drawing.

This event saw the introduction of the Box Realm: it was accessible through a portal that was in the middle of the Port.

Free items


Free Items
Item Image Type Location
Pink Propeller Cap
Icon propeller pink.png
Head Shack
Blue Propeller Cap
Icon propeller blue.png
Head Tavern
Propeller Cap
Icon propeller.png
Head Jungle
Arrow Thru Head Trick
Icon trick arrow.png
Head Cellar
Funny Nose Glasses
Icon glasses funny.png
Eye Jungle
Googly Eye Glasses
Icon googlyeye glasses black.png
Eye Box Realm
Cardboard Box
Icon box brown.png
Ride Port