Easter Egg Hunt 2019

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Easter Egg Hunt 2019
Easter Eggs Sneak Peek.png
When April 18, 2019 — April 28, 2019
Location Tavern
Easter events
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The Easter Egg Hunt was an event which April 18 - April 28, 2019.[1]


RocketSnail first revealed that an Easter Egg Hunt would be taking place in DMs to the Box Critters Live YouTube.[2]

He later begun a conversation on the Discord Critters server and on Twitter, to gather feedback on how many items should be made available.[3][4]

Free Items

Free Items
Item Image Type Location
Easter Egg (A)
Icon easteregg a.png
Head Tavern
Easter Egg (B)
Icon easteregg b.png
Head Tavern
Easter Egg (C)
Icon easteregg c.png
Head Tavern
White Bunny Ears
Icon bunny white.png
Head At the Tavern while wearing the Easter Egg (A)
Pink Bunny Ears
Icon bunny pink.png
Head At the Tavern while wearing the Easter Egg (B)
Blue Bunny Ears
Icon bunny blue.png
Head At the Tavern while wearing the Easter Egg (C)


Easter 2019 Locations.png

Players could hunt for items by walking to specific points of the Tavern, first collecting three Easter Eggs and then wearing each one to find the corresponding Bunny Ears.

Timelapse of the start of the hunt by RocketSnail[5]

The points that players had to walk to were as follows:[6]

  1. Between the drum kit and speaker - Easter Egg A
  2. On the speaker on the other side of the wheel - Easter Egg B
  3. At the bar behind the Treasure Map - Easter Egg C

After this, walking to the green floor light wearing each of the Easter Eggs would find the corresponding Bunny Ears.

When the Hunt was first released, each egg (and sometimes bunny ear) would be added to players' inventories multiple times, and because the inventory screen does not have a scroll function, players were unable to choose any items other than the eggs. This was later fixed, and only one of each item was then added to the inventory. Duplicates have been removed from players who already had them.