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RocketSnail's in-game snail critter

Real Name Lance Priebe
Username RocketSnail
Position Creator/Developer/Mascot
Twitter @rocketsnail
Discord RocketSnail#4320

"I do not believe a game should ever be done. One of the key ingredients of success is patience. Be patient young grasshopper. Enjoy the journey." ― RocketSnail

RocketSnail (real name Lance Priebe) is the creator, lead developer and currently only mascot of Box Critters and also the founder and CEO of both RocketSnail Games and Hyper Hippo Productions. He is primarily known for his creation of Club Penguin but also has created many other projects such as Epic Snails and Mech Mice.

He is one of the currently known members of the official Box Critters Team. His in-game critter is now a snail, available exclusively to him.[1] This is so players can easily recognise him and distinguish him from other players. RocketSnail's mascot account is named RocketSnail (Player ID EF99F6E35EDA62C). He also owns accounts Nickname1 (Player ID 3BCECE8B6E7246D7) and Nickname2 (Player ID FE87257D3DD518B8).

He consistently posts updates on the game's development and answer's questions on his Twitter].