Blue Snorkel

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Blue Snorkel
Icon snorkel blue.png
Available Yes
Type Eyes
Series 1
Theme Sports
ID snorkel_blue

The Blue Snorkel (previously but incorrectly spelled Blue Snorkle) is an eye item. It is available via the /adventure code that was released by Box Critters Live. It matches with the Blue Scuba Suit, Green Scuba Tank and Yellow Scuba Tank.

Method Available from Available until
Code /adventure September 2, 2019 Still available
Beaver Hamster Lizard Penguin Raccoon
Sprite snorkel blue beaver.png
Sprite snorkel blue hamster.png
Sprite snorkel blue lizard.png
Sprite snorkel blue penguin.png
Sprite snorkel blue raccoon.png

Snorkel Concept Art.jpg