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Image of a half-bitten coin, nicknamed bitecoins[1]

Coins are the main currency of Box Critters. Players earn 20 coins when logging in each day.


Coins were first mentioned by RocketSnail in a tweet on April 13, 2019.[2] They were eventually added to the game on August 1, 2019, in preparation "for mini and micro games".[3]

The coin bar design was changed on August 2, after RocketSnail shared an image of a half-bitten coin on Twitter and said that he might nickname the coins "bite-coins".[1]

All existing accounts were given 100 coins. The following day, players were credited an additional 100 coins by mistake.[4] Therefore, accounts registered before August 2, 2019 at around 10:00AM PT will start with 200 coins. Accounts registered after this time will start with 100 coins.

Earning coins

Players were able to earn coins for the first time on November 20, 2019 during the Battle Bears event. 20 coins were earned for every Huggable shot. This was the first time coins could be earned and was the first "microgame" to be added to Box Critters.

Beginning December 13, 2019, players earn 20 coins each day when they login. The day starts at 02:00am Pacific Time.

Other uses

The first minigame, Critterball, allows players to collect coins. They cannot yet be added to the player's account because the game does not yet link to the main accounts used for Box Critters.


Original Coin bar